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UMBC Systems Engineering Graduate Programs

Systems Engineering encompasses the principles and practices that guide the engineering of complex systems. As technologies become more complex and integrated, systems engineering professionals are needed to bridge traditional disciplines and focus on the system as a whole to find the solution that best meets the needs of the end user.

UMBC’s Master of Science degree program and post-baccalaureate Certificate in Systems Engineering are designed to accelerate the development of systems engineers by providing practical, real-world experiences that can be immediately applied on the job and balance theoretical understanding with practical applications.

Why Systems Engineering?

Systems Engineers are intimately involved in the entire project lifecycle, beginning with early conceptual development, establishment of system goals and objectives, system architecture definition, the specification of functional and performance requirements, modeling and simulation, production, and operation.

Systems Engineers are the primary liaison between management, customers, suppliers, and the technical development team…a critical role in the development of complex systems and commercially viable products.

Systems Engineers are always in high demand given their ability to apply systems thinking across industries and environments to projects of all kinds: